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Precision Farming video course by Kultivariy launched in Ukraine

The new online course "Precision Farming" by Kultivariy education platform features the core topics for upgrading an agricultural enterprise to the next level via introducing precision farming. 17 trainers share their knowledge and experience in the course.

The platform has launched an enrolment campaign.

The course "Precision Farming" is designed for:

  • farmers, who are open to technological changes and have ambitious targets in innovations introduction in their fields and life;

  • company and branch managers, who lead teams;

  • unit managers responsible for integrating the elements of precision farming in the company.

The course will run for 2 months and it comprises 25 animated video lectures 30 minutes each and 23 structured presentations.

The main topics to be covered in the course:

  • what precision farming is: what it consists of, the equipment involved, the data and analytics used, how it is implemented;

  • Farm Maturity Matrix: levels of development of enterprises in terms of implementation of precision farming systems, the main characteristics of these enterprises (data, equipment, IT, reporting, processes, roles, operations, training);

  • precision farming software: farm management systems (FMS) and their capacity for precision farming;

  • analytical support: soil compaction and its impact on crop production efficiency, weather monitoring, quality control and analysis of operations;

  • task card creation: what operations task cards are made for, on what basis task cards are developed;

  • parallel driving: key elements of parallel driving, types and features of equipment;

  • tillage: depth monitoring, water in the fields, soil compaction analysis, depth control;

  • fertilizer and CPP application: problems with CPP application, avoiding trampling of plants, sprayer sections malfunction when applying CPP, pressure management, the economics of the operation, application of CPP by drones;

  • seeding: working with variable seeding rates, quality control of seeding performance, retrofitting of planters for precision seeding;

  • lifehacks from agroholdings.

"We have gathered the pioneers of precision farming in Ukraine, both among the developers of innovative solutions and among the agricultural producers who have implemented and continue to implement it in their companies. Reaching their goals has become a routine for them. They produce rich harvests, stand an example for colleagues and share their own experience," commented Aleksandra Kamyshina, head of Kultivariy education platform.

The following experts in precision farming will be the lecturers of the online course:

  • Vitaliy Stavniychuk, COO Continental Farmers Group (CFG)

  • Konstantin Shityuk, deputy agribusiness director at Kernel

  • Evgeniy Sapizhenko, deputy director for innovation and digital development at Kernel

  • Kirill Druzhinin, director of innovation department at Agrain Agro Group

  • Artem Belenkov, founder of the company SmartFarming

  • Yuri Drobyazko, Customers Support

  • Aleksandr Drobyazko, head of research at ATK agricultural company

  • Vitaliy Shuberanskiy, founder and director of Frendt

  • Viktor Borovik, founder and COO of AgroOnline

  • Andrei Kapritsa, head Flora A.A. agricultural company

  • Sergei Skok, founder of Skok Agro

  • Dmitriy Maksimenko, co-founder, executive director of Meteo Farm

  • Valeriy Yakovenko, co-founder of Drone.UA

  • Sergei Demko, regional representative of Precision Planting in Ukraine

  • Yuri Kovalenko, Business Development Manager Climate Corporation in Ukraine by Bayer

  • Vadim Ostapenko, SmartFarming consultant

Click here to find out more about the Precision Farming video course.

Contact Aleksandra Kamyshina for more details: +38 050 023 89 87,



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