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Latifundist Media launched a website about living in Ukrainian rural areas —

In the early summer of 2021, Latifundist Media, an Agrarian Media Holding Group, launched a new website,, an online resource for the residents of villages, towns, and private household areas in towns and cities.

Oleksiy Beskletko, chief content officer at Latifundist Media, says that the company's product portfolio has a long and successful history of specialized online resources and thematic projects. The company long had the idea of expanding its audience and improving its usefulness not only to agrarian industry professionals, but also to those who are actually related to the countryside.

"For us it is essential that we pay attention to all residents of rural areas, from ordinary people to representatives of local government. That's why we decided to launch the project. This website will become a reliable assistant for those who work on the land, providing information on the important aspects of decentralization reform, new rules of the farmland market, culture, education, medicine, experience of village and settlement communities, rural entrepreneurs," Oleksiy Beskletko adds.

The focus of the website will be on the land market, features of decentralization in its modern form, education, medicine, social sphere and infrastructure in villages and settlements, as well as farming, gardening, and cattle breeding as a way of life for Ukrainian villagers.

The team will make all efforts to simplify complicated things to villagers, to tell them how local authorities must work, to encourage them to love what they do, to take responsibility for what is going on around them, and to solve the problems of their village and community together.

"I grew up in the countryside, I love it with all my heart, and I sincerely believe it should thrive. That is why the primary goal of, as I see it, is destroying age-old stereotypes about the Ukrainian countryside, motivating people to live and work closer to their land. The new website is sure to be helpful for those who farm and learn to make money from it," says Katya Kapustina, the project manager.

Finally, the team has ambitious plans to become the No. 1 website about the Ukrainian countryside. Moreover, they are always ready to tell interesting and useful rural stories from readers and everyone who cares about the future of rural areas.



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